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Hey digital business builders –
The game just changed. Information is out, intelligence is in. Legend Squad is 100xers building 10x more 10x faster with AI 🦾 . Want to work with legends & win bigger together? Come ride the wave 🌊 with us.
Be legendary πŸŽ– – Daniel 

whaaat??!! making a billy in crafting sounds too crazy to ignore. can they pull it off?? i bet yes.


serial entrepreneur & internet cool kid

ps - this is a made up quote but it sounds good right?


β˜…Legend Labs 


πŸ‘€ Here's a little sneak peek at a few of the AI-enhanced 🦾 startups launching soon. Dive in if you want to join us πŸ‘‡

i want this!! an app that only does 10 minute speed dates. come on guys!


serial entrepreneur & internet cool kid

ps - he really said this but doesn't know we're working on it... yet


πŸ† meet the legends

some call 'em "influencers" or "investors" or "advisors" or "luminaries"
we think that sounds boring so we call 'em legends
– because life's too short for boring

(ps these dream partners aren't aren't official partners... yet)

we sell software not sponsors

Our legends are transforming their audience with the same software they love & use (sponsors, T-shirts, etc. are definitely not ultra high margin recurring revenue holy grail products of a Built To Sell business investors beg to buy). Interested? Email me with secret code "hang ten" & get a custom digital startup built by fans for fans

  • your audience upvotes their fave startup idea in your niche

  • digital builders in your audience help us make it great

  • you use it, love it & tell everybody (always authentic, never cringe)

  • we all split the MRR $ = win win win


"mic drop! "an hour jam packed with $300k+ /month startup ideas... this was everything I dreamed it would be & more!

ps - greg isn't an official partner yet because I haven't reached out... yet

πŸ“’ latest from the legends

blasting digital startup & AI-ified solopreneur side hustles to infinity πŸš€ (and beyond??)

want 'em to go ham on your podcast, speech or somethin' else?

Email me with secret code "surfs up" & let's let the legends 100x your thing

πŸ’¬ what they're saying

This episode has the highest wisdom per minute..requesting part 2 and part 3 whenever you both find time 
The best podcast episode I've heard in 2024 so far. As an engineer, even beyond the ideas, it was valuable to learn just a different way of thinking.
this is the first time in the longest time i've watched a podcast and really thought about every concept ... insane value
"Ideabitrage" is such a banger of a concept
tapping into my guilty pleasure of just rifting on one startup idea that just branches to even more ideas 
Love the ideas, just shows you can leverage skill sets into new business easily if you know what you're doing
 I knew this would be a banger. They beasted out.
Great episode - this duo should be a new pod itself. Guest carried hard
Damn! that's another level stuff right there.

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hi I'm daniel bennett

I help legends build & sell booming digital businesses to create the next greatest generationπŸŽ– at β˜…

Stronger together πŸ’ͺ (Avengers style)

hey builders, meet ideabitrage ⚑️

ideabitrage (verb): idea arbitrage; slang for making insane profits with proven digital business blueprints


they say youth is wasted on the young...

I say banger business ideas are wasted on the old ☠️

the best "max money printing" startup ideas come from already successful post-economic founders with no bandwidth, no time, no team (& no hunger) to execute

while wantrepreneurs waste all that rise & grind hustle & BBE (big builder energy) on small boy stuff 🀷


we're basically the Robin Hood of digital startup ideas

stealing only the best business ideas already proven to make max money & turning Legend Squad loose to build them alongside expert advisors (we call 'em legends) in every industry

come ride the wave with us 🌊 

– Daniel

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how can I work on epic startups with Legend Squad?

Apply to work with us. If you make the first round cut you'll get a quest to prove your skills. Winners are invited to work with us. good luck πŸ€™

how can I get Legend Squad to build my awesome idea?

to keep the Squad happy we accept only the best ideas. typically these come from our legend business buddies

how do Legend Squad members make recurring revenue?

we run most of our projects on an earn-in model so the builders get a piece of the MRR upside. win win win

how can i invest in Legend Ventures startups?

email me with the secret code "hang ten" and we'll go from there



changing the world with water 🌊

here's the deal – we're trying to be the MrBeast of water. crazy?! of course – and we need all the help we can get

a % of every mrr $ gives a swimming pool size of clean water to a thirsty soul who's never drank anything but brown

why water? well... deep subject (haha dad joke alert). because my fave things just keep flowing – water & mrr – and because we can all do a little more.

cheers 🍻 & be water 🌊 (thanks Bruce)

– Daniel


you're only one ride away 🌊